Yarnell Public Library's Colorful Celebration

Yarnell Public Library Staff and Friends of the Yarnell Public Library with Dyed Hair

Patrons and Coordinators Unite for a Vibrant Summer Reading Success

At the start of summer, Library Coordinator Priscilla Phelps and Friends of the Yarnell Library members Helen Stratton and Wendy Lichte made a unique promise to dye their hair in vibrant colors if the Summer Reading goal of reading 400 books was met. Surpassing the goal, the community of the Yarnell Public Library demonstrated their passion for books by reading an impressive 1,118 books, collectively reading for a staggering 216,770 minutes.

True to their word, Priscilla, Helen, and Wendy ventured to Fantastic Sam’s in Prescott, AZ to bring their hair transformation promise to life. The talented stylist, Marius Heimrich, skillfully tie-dyed their hair striking neon pink and purple.

An avid reader herself, Marius Heimrich expressed her adoration for libraries during the hair transformation process, citing her favorite book as the timeless classic "Jane Eyre."

One delighted library customer shared her thoughts on the library's remarkable achievement, expressing admiration for the Library Staffs’ efforts in encouraging children to read. She recounted how the young readers excitedly discussed their book choices and eagerly awaited the colorful transformation of the Library Coordinator’s hair.

The Yarnell Public Library's commitment to promoting literacy and instilling a love for reading in young minds resonates deeply within the community, inspiring both the young and the young-at-heart to embark on thrilling reading journeys.

The Yarnell Public Library extends heartfelt gratitude to all the community who wholeheartedly participated in the Summer Reading Program, adding to its overwhelming success. The library remains determined in nurturing the joy of reading and eagerly anticipates setting out on even more adventures with its library patrons in the future.


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